Interested in getting married in Hawaii? Here I try to answer all of those burning questions you might have of an officiant, assuming you’ve already googled “what to ask a wedding officiant before you hire them?”

What is the Marriage Licensing Process in Hawaii?

Please visit our page dedicated to the Hawaii Marriage License procedures. The steps are simple:

  1. Apply Online and pay the license fee within 1 year of your wedding date. This will cost $65. (When it asks you select your officiant, search for “Chris Domaloan.”
  2. Pick up your marriage license in-person with an approved marriage license agent. Appointments required. See locations here. The actual marriage license is good for only 30-days! So ideally you should get it within a couple weeks of your ceremony date.
  3. Get married! (Preferably by me)
  4. I will certify the marriage online, and you will receive a paper copy within 60-120 days. Temporary licenses can be requested as well.

Why should I pay for an officiant?

A wedding officiant is the centerpiece of your ceremony, and as such, you want that person to be poised, presentable, and professional. A competent officiant will make you and your guests feel at ease throughout the most important ceremony of your life.

Do you require a deposit to hold a wedding date?

Nope! But if you want to send me money before I perform any services, then by all means, you are more than welcome to!

Do we have to meet in person?

No we don’t! We can do everything over email, we can have a discussion on Skype, or we can talk over the phone. We could also FB message, LinkedIn message, SnapChat each other, or Instagram IM. Not Twitter though, nobody uses that anymore. If you would like to meet in person we can arrange something that works with everyone’s schedules. Just in case you are a murderer, I would prefer to meet in a public location.

Do you provide a microphone and/or a speaker system?

Yes I can! But if you are hiring a DJ for the evening, it’s probably cheaper to have him set up for the ceremony as well. Also, many times the venue will have their own PA system that is included in the site rental. I charge $75 for the use of a portable speaker/microphone system. If you really want to save money, I can just yell real loud.*

*Not recommended

I want my ceremony at _________. Can you do it?

  1. Hotel. YES!
  2. Church. NO! The minister/priest/monk will probably not appreciate that.
  3. Beach. YES! See my guidelines and pricing for beach weddings.
  4. Mountaintop. YES! As an avid hiker/trail runner, we can hike up to the top of a mountain and I will marry you. NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  5. Your house. YES!
  6. L&L Drive Inn. NO!
  7. State or city and county park. YES! As long as the proper permits are acquired.
  8. Private estate. YES!
  9. Place of Business. YES! With proper permission from the business owner which will be up to you.
  10. Aloha Stadium. WHAT? NO! Wait. Maybe. See #9.
  11. My grandma’s house. YES (see #5)
  12. Prison. MAYBE?
  13. Big Island, Kauai, or Maui. YES. You pay. I fly.
  14. Underwater. YES
  15. Zippy’s. HELL YES.